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Welcome to one of the most famous broadcasting address in France!
Paris Television Center has been welcoming broadcasters and content owners one step away from Arc de Triomphe for over 20 years ! PTC offers services from tv news covering to TV Channel broadcasting all around the globe!

About US

Our DNA is to provide the best broadcast and media facilities and services to major TV channels all around the globe.

In the past 20 years we achieved to build an unique global network and successfully helped launch and support several TV channels.

Our team is extremely flexible and able to produce and film a large variety of events, news or entertainment upon request.

Choose your solution

Suitable for interviews, TV shows, round tables and debates, our platform offers unique and customizable virtual sets that respect your graphic identity:
- setting to desired colors
- integration of communication elements (Logo, images and videos)
- furniture and technical tools.
Our studio is equipped with a 45m2 set accommodating up to 4 people, 3 HD cameras, as well as a technical control room for satellite and internet broadcasting.

PTC has been in the outside broadcasting industry for over 20 years. We support our TV channel client throughout the production and the broadcast of live news as well as outside events.

We own two efficient SNG/production vans and 3G/4G equipment for transmissions like AVIWEST and LIVE U.
We can meet the most demanding requirement and guarantee a thoroughly reliable service.To produce any type of broadcast, PTC offers 2 SNG trucks : Mercedes Sprinter 313 CDI and Mercedes Vito. All unit equipment and detail information are available upon request.

Live positions can be used simultaneously: one window
position, one street position and two chroma key positions with live Arc de Triomphe backdrop.

Our company is able to provide a complete end-to-end solution by recording live streams and publishing them across social network and to many platforms or even your own website. We can also file your content into any digital or physical support of your choosing.

PTC’s news gathering group could be form from a single reporter with a single professional video camera, to an entire television crew taking a truck on location, drone pilot. Our team account for up to 20 years experience, we are reliable professionals who have successfully broadcast many events from fashion shows to FIFA Championship.

PTC owns an off-speak and audio dubbing studio as well as two video editing rooms. Hence, we are able to provide a full broadcast service, including recording your content,editing it, and broadcasting it! Our team is dedicated to transform a raw footage to an enjoyable to watch content!

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Our team shares the same passion for audiovisual and broadcast industry!

John Cressey


Arnaud Molinié


Gabin Chaussegros

General manager

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